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Do YOU Want To Find Out How To Actually Eat & Live Gluten-Free… The Easy Way?

Discover How To Eat & Live Gluten-Free…

… Simple and Easy!


Pat Yarbrough Was Surgically Diagnosed As A Celiac Disease Sufferer Over 14 Years Ago Through a Biopsy In January of 2000. And, for 5 Years Before That, She Took Care of Her Mother-In-Law, Mary, Who Was Also Gluten-Intolerant.

In The Almost 20 Years That Pat Has Spent Dealing With Gluten Intolerance, She’s Learned A Lot About Eating And Living Gluten-Free.

And, Best of All, She Has Learned How To Live With Her Condition “Simple And Easy” and Would Love to Help You Learn How To Live Gluten Free the “Simple and Easy” Way, Too!


Fudge Brownies with Almonds for an After School Treat

I love Brownies!

Especially, Fudge Brownies with Almonds… They are good for serving at a party, packing in a lunchbox or eating for a gluten-free after-school snack…or just any time a rich chocolate treat is in order.

They are dense and moist with chunks of almonds that add just the right amount of crunch.


Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of April 20, 2014

This week’s Gluten Free Diet Menu Plan begins with a marvelous Easter holiday dinner of oven roasted boneless pork loin and ends with an easy lasagna with spinach.


Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of April 13, 2014

This week the gluten-free diet menu plan begins with one of the most popular recipes on Elegantly, Gluten-Free, which is Easy Meatballs. They’re paired with baked polenta, sauce and mozzarella. This will probably be Al’s favorite meal of the whole week!

Next I’ve planned three 30 minute meals – Shrimp Gumbo, Pan-Grilled Pork Chops, Broiled Salmon Fillets – followed by a slow cooker meal of Beef Round Steak.


Three Gluten Free Lunches

It’s really hard to keep making lunches and snacks that are interesting even under the best of circumstances.

Plus, the vending machines at work or school have a siren song that almost always sounds better than a lunchbox’s boring old tune.

When the need to be gluten-free is added, lunches can seem even more challenging.


Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of March 30, 2014

This week will be busier than ever for me.

Because of that I planned the Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan to have one day of comfort food – Chicken and Dumplings with Peas and Carrots!

And, the rest of the week will be full of slow cooker meals, 30 minute meals and one easy casserole.


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