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How to Eat Gluten-Free and Not Destroy Your Social Life – Part 2

The previous post, “How To Eat Gluten-Free and Not Destroy Your Social Life – Part 1” was created to help you contact and let your family, friends and important acquaintances know that they are important to you and to get them to help you live gluten-free successfully. Also, it is designed to “keep them in the loop” so that you have the highest probability of retaining your relationship with them from an interpersonal as well as a social standpoint. I suggest that if you haven’t already read Part 1 of this post that you do so right now by [Clicking Here]. 6 Changes To Successfully Become Gluten Free In order to support what you did because of the part of […]


How To Eat Gluten-Free and Not Destroy Your Social Life – Part 1

This particular problem hammered me like a blacksmith beating a piece of hot steel into submission.

And, it produced one of those “How could I have been so stupid” moments.

This “social life” problem hits most everyone (in varying degrees, of course) who must begin to eat gluten-free and almost no one realizes they need to tell you about it.

How to eat gluten-free and not destroy your relationships is a very real and significant problem for MANY newly gluten sensitive individuals… And, maybe some not-so-newly sensitive individuals.

Well, I’m going to tell you about what happened to me and explain what I should have done about it to keep it from happening as bad as it did to me.

The reason it hit me so hard was because most of my social life, other than personal time and dates with the love of my life, my husband, revolved around meal times with family and friends. Sharing good food, good company and good times was and still is tremendously important to me.


Why I Love Eating Gluten-Free


In spite of the fact that I’ve been gluten intolerant most of my life.

It’s because I’ve been eating gluten-free, since my diagnosis!

So, I actually feel FANTASTIC! And, My husband says I look fantastic too…

… What do you think? I was 66 years old in that picture to the left and I weight about what I did when Al and I got married in 1969… 120 lbs.

I feel vibrantly alive!

And, I want to help you feel and look FANTASTIC, too. Because, …

… I remember what it was like when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease… before I began my journey in gluten-free living…


Breakfast Quiche with Broccoli – Gluten Free

Believe it or not…

… This remarkably filling breakfast quiche is actually Gluten-Free!

The recipe makes a generous pan full of broccoli, peppers and cheese that the whole family – and guests – will come back for more of, and won’t even notice it’s gluten-free.

I make this a crustless quiche because that way it’s easily gluten-free and low carb. If you don’t mind the carbs, you could use a crust, like one of those linked below, but no one seems to miss the crust. They also don’t seem to mind the generous serving of veggies they’re getting along with the spicy, cheesy baked eggs.

This whole foods, vegetarian quiche recipe makes a deliciously satisfying breakfast, lunch or main dish for dinner. It’s easy to bake and take, too, so I take it to pot-lucks and carry-in dinners…or to a neighbor who may need an easy meal to heat up.


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