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7 Most Popular Gluten-Free Soup Recipes of 2012

With the temperature way below freezing here, and more snow on the way, a steaming bowl of nourishing, gluten-free soup really hits the spot! With that in mind, I’m sharing my 7 most popular soups of 2012. Cook up a pot for your family soon!


Here’s a picture of soup weather! It’s a view out of one of my kitchen windows this afternoon. You can’t actually see out the window very well because of the ice crystals.


Soup Weather!  Icy Kitchen Window

Soup Weather! Icy Kitchen Window


I promise I did not draw those designs on the window!


7 Most Popular Soup Recipes of 2012




Gluten-Free Chili with Tomatoes


Chili is a traditional Tex-Mex dish in my home-town of San Antonio.  In fact, it’s been cooked and served there since at least the 1700s, often by local women selling bowls full of steaming chili con carne from their carts or wagons in the market squares.  It’s basically a gluten-free dish of chili peppers and meat

Gluten-Free Chili with Tomatoes

Gluten-Free Chili with Tomatoes



Crockpot Split Pea Soup with Carrots, Celery, Onion and Ham

I really love split pea soup in my gluten-free diet … It’s high-fiber, has no refined sugar and is highly nutritious.  And, my husband likes it even more than I do.  He thinks that it tastes great and frequently comes back for seconds




Shrimp Gumbo – Light and Gluten Free


A gluten-free dish with zip that’s healthy and also easy to fix — that’s a good one to pull out of the recipe box!  The shrimp provides the low-fat protein, the vegetables add more flavor and nutrition, and the seasonings can be as peppy as you like.   It’s a light, filling dish for a gluten-free diet and great to add to your list of 30 minute meals




Chicken Vegetable Soup with Spinach, Gluten-Free


Are you looking for a light soup for lunch that still has the fiber and protein to last you for hours?  A few days ago I made this soup for lunch and found it lasted me well through the afternoon, even though it’s without noodles or rice.  It was also soothing for a tender tummy when I was a little under the weather recently.  There’s plenty of flavor without being overpowering




Navy Bean Soup — Gluten-Free and Casein-Free


Navy beans are one of our favorites here…well, especially Al’s favorites.  He likes them with just about anything…in a salad, as part of a main dish or as a side in a main meal.  He likes them in many combinations, but most of all, he likes them in soup. Navy Bean Soup is an easy gluten-free recipe to make, so I often put some in the slow cooker



A Delicious and Easy Lentil Soup Recipe

I don’t know where you live, but in northeastern Ohio where I and most of my family live, the days are getting shorter and cooler, and the nights are sometimes downright chilly.  For me, this signals perfect weather for some of my favorite, easy-to-prepare healthy food recipes. One of my all-time favorites is a healthy, totally vegetarian lentil soup that uses carrots, celery, onion and vegetable stock




Gluten-Free Chicken Soup with Mushroom and Onion


A light, flavorful, yet filling bowl of homemade chicken soup fits a lot of descriptions.  It’s nutritious. Comforting. Easy on the waistline. Not so well known is how easy it can be to make.  Even gluten-free soup can be quick and easy…


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