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A Gluten-Free Holiday And Changes That Are On The Way

I hope that you got my first automatic blog post notification yesterday and that you will enjoy the Gluten-Free Applesauce Cake with Cherries and Walnuts recipe that it was about.  It is an old,  family recipe that my mother got from my Aunt Mac who got it from her mother… probably 65 or 70 years ago, as near as I can tell.

I simply love the recipe and hope that you and your family will, too.  It has become a family tradition that I enjoy making every holiday season.  And, I hope that it will become one for your family too!   In our home, even my husband (who “hates” most gluten-free food) likes it and goes back for seconds, thirds, … sixths, sevenths, etc.  You get the picture… Until it’s all gone!

I suspect that many of you have been coming to my Elegantly, Gluten Free blog for a long time and some of you may even have been enjoying my gluten-free recipes since it was the “Truly Pat… Gluten-Free Food That Even My Husband Likes” blog.  And, I thank you for your loyalty.  I love cooking and sharing my recipes with you.

Most people are not aware of it but almost all of the recipes that I post on my blog are original.  Also, almost without exception, everything that I put on my site has been kitchen tested by me and table tested by my husband along with an assortment of family and friends who are not gluten sensitive or intolerant.

Please always feel free to leave comments, positive or negative.  Let me know what you think and especially what you would like to see that would make your visit more enjoyable or rewarding for you.

If you are among my longer term friends, you may have noticed the changes that have been happening to the layout of Elegantly, Gluten-Free over this last year, specifically the amount of paid and “link-through” advertising that you see on my site and on other major gluten-free sites has increased dramatically, recently.

This is because it takes much time and money to provide the kind of quality information that you have undoubtedly come to expect from our gluten-free websites.  Some of us do this as an alternative to full-time employment especially as good jobs have been so scarce and difficult to get for the last several years.

So, when you see something that you would typically buy from another source but can buy on my site or the other gluten-free sites, please buy through our links. It probably won’t cost you any more money and the sales commissions will help us all immensely. Your help in this is much appreciated and I thank you in advance!

Now, more about changes that are coming to Elegantly, Gluten-Free:  For the most of the last two years, I have had a 3-column layout.  While the layout allows me to present you with more information in the same amount of space, I think that it looks quite cramped.  So, I am going to change to a new theme with a lighter, airier look than what is there now.  You should see the new theme in the next month.

Things will also be laid out differently.  While the Home and main landing page will continue to be my latest recipe creation, there will be more articles about things of interest to Gluten Sensitive and Gluten Intolerant individuals on the site.  Information will be grouped better and be quickly menu-accessible.  Plus, my recipes will become easier to find by category than ever before.

These are just a few of the major changes that are coming in the future here at Elegantly, Gluten-Free.  If you have thoughts or suggestions, jot me a note and send it to Pat@ElegantlyGlutenFree.com or just leave a comment below any post.  I will see it in the blog’s back office and will greatly appreciate your feedback.  Your feedback is important to me.

Ultimately, this blog is about you, our valued visitors and friends, and what you want and need from my Elegantly, Gluten-Free site!

I look forward to the next year with eager anticipation….