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A Taste for a Hot Dog, Gluten-free

We normally try to eat on the healthy side of average, which means lean meat and plenty of vegetables. Once in a while we get a taste for a hot dog, but the chicken/turkey/pork varieties don’t satisfy that taste. Lean beef hot dogs do, so I’ll share that with you…

… Recently we had some Hebrew National franks, which are one of the gluten-free brands we like. For information on Hebrew National labeling about gluten, look here.

For the Hebrew National franks site, you can look here.

Since the franks are already cooked, you just need to simmer them in a covered pan with a small amount of liquid until heated through. That liquid can be water, or it can be the broth with some beans.  We used canned lima beans this time (sometimes my husband wants limas, sometimes pork and beans, sometimes some pinto beans — talk about gourmand versus gourmet :-)). 

I emptied the whole can of limas into a saucepan, added the hot dogs and simmered, covered, over medium heat until heated through, about 5-8 minutes.  Then we made hot dogs like usual, with bread, catsup, mustard and relish. 

Since my husband isn’t celiac, he used regular bread, but this time I had some sesame-bean bread available.  We enjoyed these awesome hot dogs with lima beans on the side.