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Pat Yarbrough

Pat Yarbrough

Pat Yarbrough has become a voice for gluten-free living success at its best.

She has been living a gluten-free lifestyle since January of the year 2000 when she was diagnosed with celiac disease.  And before that, she was the primary caregiver for four years for her mother-in-law who was, coincidentally, also a victim of celiac disease.

As a cofounder, along with her husband Al, of ElegantlyGlutenFree.com in 2009, which began as a blog called “Gluten-Free Food That Even My Husband Likes,” Pat has created a website that is devoted to empowering gluten-free individuals to live their lives on their own terms… Easy… Delicious… Fun… regardless as to their gender or the exact cause of their situation.

ElegantlyGlutenFree.com is fast becoming one of the most visited websites in the gluten-free community and regularly helps 500 or more daily visitors with recipes, meal plans and gluten-free advice/information.  And, some days, the website has helped as many as 950 to 1000 or more visitors find the gluten-free information that they are seeking.

Her recipes, reports and informational articles are regularly sought after.  And, 2 of her 3,books have been among the top 10 bestsellers in their category on Kindle with almost 10,000 Kindle copies in combined circulation.  And, recently, she has begun offering her third book “Eating & Living a Gluten-Free Diet… The Official Guide” in both .PDF and  MS-Word formats.

Pat’s recipes are frequently featured by other major gluten-free websites.  Recently, she was awarded the coveted “I’m a 2012 Favorite” icon badge by FAVEGLUTENFREERECIPES.com.  Plus, Pat is a ZipLIST featured partner.

Be sure to take advantage of the special benefits Pat provides to her Elegantly, Gluten-Free Connoisseurs Club members by signing up in the form located on the website sidebar or in the “Membership Invitation” popup.