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All My Recipes – How To Find ’em

You can find all my recipes simply by selecting the “Recipes” menu item below the banner on each page. Recipes are arranged by category and you will get a full, summarized list of all of my available recipes in the part of the page where the post would normally go. If there are more than a page of recipes summaries navigation links (previous/next) are provided at the bottom of each list page.

Just click on the category of the recipe that you would like to find. Then locate it in the list produced in the post area. Finally, the recipe title and you will be taken to the full recipe. If a recipe is in more than one category it will appear in the list for each category that it is in.

Also, there is a “Category” entry near the bottom of the side column. It also includes both recipe as well as NON-recipe posts. You can find the information that you want in a fashion similar to locating a recipe that I described in the previous paragraphs.