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Gluten-Free Tamale Pie

Tamale Pie is a traditional Tex-Mex dish that my family and most people I’ve ever served it to rave about.

Making a Tamale Pie is pretty easy.

You simply put chili in a casserole dish, stir in some cheese and top it with cornmeal mush….


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Easy Gluten-Free Beef Cube Steaks in the Crockpot

I really appreciate a gluten-free meal that is quick and easy to prepare. Even when I’m at home, some days I like to have dinner started and simmering away on its own while I work elsewhere. In a crockpot or slow cooker, these Beef Cube Steaks cook on their own without any attention until it’s almost time to eat. Then we have a frugal meal that my husband thinks is awesome, and there’s not too much to clean up.


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Slow-Cooked Corned Beef Dinner – That’s Gluten-Free As Easy As It Gets!

Many traditional meals have to change somewhat to become gluten-free, but for St. Patrick’s Day, we don’t need to change our favorite meal. Most of the corned beef brisket I’ve found to cook is safe for gluten sensitive people. That doesn’t mean I don’t thoroughly verify the ingredients, but this is one of the easiest meals for someone with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.


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Lasagna with Spinach, Gluten-Free

Most people wouldn’t believe that something Italian like Lasagna could be a part of a gluten-free diet. But, it can… it fits right into my living gluten-free plan!

And, to make it even better, Lasagna is one of my favorite gluten-free meals.


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Gluten-Free Beef Round Roast in the Crockpot

Do you need some stick-to-the-ribs food that will satisfy even the big eaters in your house? Would you like an entree that tastes great by itself, or in a sandwich, or with your favorite sides? How would you like to come home after hours away to be greeted by the rich aroma of roast beef, ready for dinner? This Beef Round Roast can be waiting for you, ready to slice and eat.


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Gluten-Free Taco Salad on Spring Lettuce Mix

For a mostly made-from-scratch supper that I can safely describe as “unprocessed” for my October: Unprocessed pledge, we had this gluten-free taco salad with cucumber, onion and tomato on a spring salad mix, with tortilla chips surrounding it.


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Roast Beef Sandwich – Gluten-Free

Every so often we just need to have an old favorite, so I make a lean sandwich with some Beef Round Eye Roast. It’s one of my hubby’s favorites. I like using Round Eye Roast for sandwiches because it needs very little trimming, slices easily and is very lean. Since I make it myself, I don’t have to worry about additives or extra processing, or cross-contamination on a deli slicer.


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