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Fish & Seafood

Shrimp Gumbo – Light and Gluten Free

A gluten-free dish with zip that’s healthy and also easy to fix — that’s a good one to pull out of the recipe box! The shrimp provides the low-fat protein, the vegetables add more flavor and nutrition, and the seasonings can be as peppy as you like. It’s a light, filling dish for a gluten-free diet.


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Fish Fillets Fried with Cornflake Crumb Breading (Gluten-Free)

We’ve had gluten-free fish breaded a number of different ways, but last night I cooked them with cornflake crumbs.

We thought it had the best all-around flavor and texture of any I’ve cooked.


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Scallops Stir-Fried with Garlic, Carrots & Spinach

With low-fat, nutrition-packed ingredients like scallops, carrots and spinach, this is not only healthy but tastes amazingly good.


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Pan-Grilled Salmon Fillets – Easy Gluten-Free

Want a healthy meal? Salmon, with its high protein plus high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, is hard to beat. For those who have to avoid wheat or gluten, pan-grilled salmon’s further benefit is being easy to cook well without cross-contamination from other foods. Most cooks will readily prepare something in a clean skillet, if asked, while asking them to clean a large grill or to set aside a large gluten-free work area in the midst of their other work might not be possible for them. Whether you or someone else is doing the cooking, here is a great way to enjoy a healthy meal.


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