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Do YOU Want To Find Out How To Actually Eat & Live Gluten-Free… The Easy Way?

Discover How To Eat & Live Gluten-Free…

… Simple and Easy!


Pat Yarbrough Was Surgically Diagnosed As A Celiac Disease Sufferer Over 14 Years Ago Through a Biopsy In January of 2000. And, for 5 Years Before That, She Took Care of Her Mother-In-Law, Mary, Who Was Also Gluten-Intolerant.

In The Almost 20 Years That Pat Has Spent Dealing With Gluten Intolerance, She’s Learned A Lot About Eating And Living Gluten-Free.

And, Best of All, She Has Learned How To Live With Her Condition “Simple And Easy” and Would Love to Help You Learn How To Live Gluten Free the “Simple and Easy” Way, Too!



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