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Pat YarbroughIf you made the decision to begin living your life gluten-free, it may have been because you were diagnosed with celiac disease or a wheat allergy.

Or, maybe you did it, just because you want to experience the benefits that people, like yourself, have found they get from totally cutting wheat and other gluten producing grains out of their diets.

They’ve gone gluten free and are experiencing tremendous reported benefits because they have done just that!

It’s really not easy to do, but, magazines and news reports in the last year or two have been full of stories about the very positive benefits individuals like you and me have had because they made a quality-of-life decision to go gluten-free.

Positive benifits like:

  • Having more energy and just generally feeling better,
  • Clearing up your complexion, and
  • Painlessly beginning to lose weight fast,

are among the many benefits commonly being reported in the news media today.

And the benefits are not just confined to world-class or Olympic athletes.  Almost everybody who goes gluten-free experiences some sort of positive benefit to their lives… It may have been something as simple as those unexplained headaches go away… Or the aches and pains that you normally experience in day-to-day life reduce in intensity or vanish… Or maybe you just plain sleep better at night.

Whatever the benefits that you would experience personally might be, the beneficial results that one individual after another receives by cutting wheat and related grains from their diets is beginning to make quite a case for the thought that perhaps everybody might want to seriously consider going gluten-free.

I’m Pat Yarbrough and I’m a cofounder of the ElegantlyGlutenFree.com website and a celiac disease sufferer myself. I’ve published 3 books to date and, in the last week, I’ve released the second edition of my third book, “Eating & Living Gluten-Free… The Official Guide.”

The new edition of my book contains just about everything from my first two books plus it has been updated and expanded. It covers:

  • How I successfully set up my kitchen and pantry in a mixed gluten environment household. When I discovered how to do this, my gluten reactions became almost a thing of the past;
  • Introduction to meal planning, which not only explains how to do effective and efficient meal planning, but it also includes an already prepared full week (7 full days) meal plan as a bonus. I save money and inconvenience when I do my meal planning properly;
  • Gluten-free kids of all ages, including babies and toddlers, and how to deal with them in a variety of common situations.  Plus, I discuss how I think you should deal with schools and governmental agencies and other organizational entities, roommates, renters, relatives and siblings. This whole area is a maze of red tape, traps and easy to avoid mistakes. Find out how I think you can avoid the major pitfalls;
  • The latest science and the literally “world-famous” Consensus Report. This is sure to satisfy the most demanding techno-geek among us;
  • My story which now includes previously unpublished facts about what I went through when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease; Discover how I successfully survive and even thrived through the years in spite of having celiac disease!
  • Safe Foods Lists… You will get, first hand, the results of all my research and trial and error.
  • Reprints of important posts from the ElegantlyGlutenFree.com website of
    • “Gluten Intolerance, a Silent and Vicious Killer. Discover why this disease can be life-threatening.”
    • “Gluten Related Disorders – a General Discussion. My husband Al, a graduate biologist, explains what’s in the Consensus report in plain, ordinary American English so you can understand what it’s about and figure out how it affects you!”
    • “How to Quick Start Your New Gluten-Free Life. If you are newly diagnosed or have challenges that you just can’t get past, then this report will definitely help you accelerate your learning curve about living gluten-free.”

The new edition is available both in PDF format.  It’s originally priced at $12.97 but for the remainder of the entire month of February, 2014, you can buy either a Kindle copy or a PDF copy of the new edition of “Eating and Living Gluten-Free… The Official Guide” at an introductory price of more than a 60% discount for $x.xx.

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NOTE: Kindle Version No Longer Available…