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Don’t Be Fooled… Even MILD Gluten Intolerance Is Dangerous

Have you been told by your doctor that you have celiac and, because of that, you are gluten intolerant and that you must now eat gluten-free… for the rest of your life?

Unfortunately when they tell you that, doctors sometimes gloss over how serious it can be to have celiac disease, which is the main cause of gluten intolerance! And, although the docs may not actually say it, the truth is that gluten-intolerance is dangerous!

For that and many other reasons, people who are gluten intolerant often don’t realize how serious their condition really is…

… They think that because they only get a slight headache or have mild digestive upsets or have some other minor reaction after they eat or drink something with gluten in it that their disease isn’t all that serious.

But, almost nothing could be further from the truth!

Gluten Intolerance is Dangerous… Celiac Disease Can Be a Silent and Vicious Killer

The truth is that celiac disease victims are getting autoimmune “hits” to their small intestine every time they eat or drink something containing gluten. It doesn’t matter how mild the external symptoms of their gluten intolerance might be, their autoimmune reaction may still be quite violent and, over the long term, be quite devastating!

In a way, it’s somewhat like smoking cigarettes.

Technically, it may be emphysema, cancer or heart disease that actually does the smoker in, but it’s the constant exposure to the tobacco smoke that causes the disease.

The same type of thing happens with unmanaged gluten intolerance.

Year after year of constant autoimmune reactions eventually cause other much more serious, sometimes life threatening, diseases like lymphoma (a form of cancer), diabetes or thyroid disease, just to mention three of the many different long-term effects that can result from unmanaged celiac disease.

If you are one of those people who think that gluten intolerance is a minor problem that they can safely ignore, then you need to know that celiac disease really is a silent and vicious killer.

You probably won’t even know that it’s happening.

Gluten-Free Roast Beef Eye Round Sandwich

Gluten-Free Roast Beef Sandwich… Management isn’t all that bad!?!?

If you have UNMANAGED celiac disease, you are definitely AT RISK for major, long-term problems like I mentioned above. But, if you are willing to manage your condition the way I explain in the new edition of my latest book “Eating & Living Gluten-Free… The Official Guide” you should never experience problems like that!

Sometimes, I feel like the salesperson in the cartoon that my husband occasionally talks about. The salesperson is standing outside of a Roman General’s tent while the General is dressing for battle. An aide announces the presence of the salesperson who is requesting an immediate interview.

The caption of the cartoon reads something like this… (The General is now speaking):

“Salesman? I don’t have time to see a salesman! Get rid of him!”

Unfortunately, for him, what the General doesn’t know is that the salesperson is standing next to a tripod-mounted, air-cooled, 50-caliber machine gun with ammunition.

That’s how I feel sometimes…

I Really Do Know What I’m Talking About

To reassure you that I actually know what I’m talking about, I’d like to share that I went through the same struggle and emotions you may be dealing with after I was surgically diagnosed with celiac disease in January of the year 2000.

It’s been over 14 years now since I was diagnosed. And, to put it bluntly, I’ve been through “hell on Earth” from the gluten reactions that I’ve endured as I learned the principles and techniques of truly eating and living gluten-free that I share in the 2nd edition of my latest book!

Even being diagnosed after so many years of frequently repeated gluten intolerance symptoms was a mixed blessing!

Finally, I no longer needed to worry that I had cancer or some other dreadful disease. I now knew what had been causing the symptoms I had experienced ever since I was a young girl.

But, unfortunately, it was just the beginning of a very long road where I learned what I now know.

It’s Not Your Fault

As I got more experience with my celiac disease, I began to understand that many of the symptoms that I had through the years which my doctors wrote off as woman issues, my imagination or psychosomatic illnesses were actually caused by my celiac disease.

And, even though I tried to get answers about my symptoms, I was unsuccessful. Back then, (pre-1990s), most of the doctors had no idea what was wrong and, to make matters worse, they often made me feel like I was the problem… that it was “all in my head!”

You know how some doctors are, they make you feel like somehow your illness is your fault or that you are imagining your symptoms… Especially when they don’t know what’s wrong themselves.

They sit there and nod their head and say things like… “How unusual”… or “hmmmm”… or they just make some other non-committal, meaningless statement that gives you no answer about what’s happening to you.

But, I discovered it wasn’t my fault and it isn’t your fault either… you weren’t making up your symptoms… no matter what any doctor has told or implied to you. And, to make it worse, sometimes the symptoms actually are bizarre. And when that happens, the symptoms may appear in a pattern which the doctor has never seen before. Genetic diseases can be like that.

The diseases that I know of like celiac disease that cause gluten intolerance are, in fact, genetic. For instance, medical authorities and researchers have estimated that there may be over 300 actual symptoms of celiac disease and at times they occur in what many doctors would think of as “bizarre” combinations.

There Is Hope!

If you are gluten intolerant and especially if what I described above has happened to you, then the 2nd Edition of my 3rd book, “Eating and Living Gluten-Free… The Official Guide” will help you quickly learn how to eat and liveGluten Intolerance Is Dangerous gluten-free without the seemingly endless stream of problems and “train wrecks” that can occur in the lives of gluten intolerant individuals who try to learn to live gluten-free on their own.

I really do wish that I had had this book to help me learn how to live and eat gluten free easily, safely and effectively when I was diagnosed over 14 years ago… My life would have been so different and so much more pleasant if I had had my book to guide me on my way like you do now!

If you would like to get instant access to the .PDF version of my book just <click here>. It’s 100% guaranteed so you have No Risk.


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