Eating & Living Gluten-Free… The Official Guide Bonus #2

Bonus #2 – Free Connoisseurs Club Premium Membership

Right now, Al and I are preparing for the next step in the growth of the Elegantly, Gluten-Free website. Soon, the content on the site will be divided into “Free” content and “Premium” content.

And, it will probably happen in the next 3 months.

But, because you bought my book today, you will be “grandfathered” into the lowest premium-level membership in the Club, at no charge… for life!

Here’s what comes along with a Connoisseurs Club membership right now:

  • Periodic Free Gifts – Get Pat’s Best At NO Charge
  • Notification of New Elegantly, Gluten Free Posts
  • Gluten-Free Living Tips From Time to Time
  • Special Recipes Not Posted on Elegantly, Gluten-Free
  • And Information About Products We Think You Might Find benificial.

I am planning on charging a minimum of $9.97 USD per month for the Connoisseurs Club’s Basic Premium Membership Level. The one-year value of this bonus is $119.64 USD.