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See What 4 of the Many Readers of Pat's 3rd Book Have Had to Say About It...

Out of all the gluten free books that I have read, I would say this is my favorite.  This book explains everything so well.  There is a lot of information to take in and I will be goiing back over what I highlighted.  I especially love the part about baby's and children with celiac disease.  I have been gluten free for 3 years now and I feel good and see a huge difference in my health.

happygrama, Amazon Verified Purchase

This is a very knowledgeable book from someone who has obviously learned a lot in her struggle with gluten intolerance.  I highly recommend it for anyone beginning their journey into a gluten free life.  I would also recommend it for anyone who is already living gluten free but would like more help in the practical side of how to do it.  A must read!

Angeline, Amazon Verified Purchase

This book is great when you are trying to learn about the gluten-free lifestyle.  I used it is a simple guide to what you can and cannot eat while being gluten-free.  Just that a gluten-free diet is not always low-fat or low calorie….  So you still have to watch calories and fat.  If you’re trying to lose weight.

Sharron Keiser, Amazon Verified Purchase

Great book, very informative and set up really well.  Book offers great reading material and keeps the reader interested in the topic

Chris Kiolbasa, Amazon Verified Purchase