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Elegantly, Gluten-Free “Major Frustrations” Survey Results

Hi Everyone,Elegantly Gluten-Free

I’m Pat’s husband, Al.

From time-to-time Pat mentions me on her blog. So, you may have heard of me… or not…

… Anyway, Pat has asked me to write up the results of the “Major Frustrations” Survey which we recently conducted on the ElegantlyGlutenFree.com website as well as on Facebook. So, here goes…


The purpose of the survey was to better understand the characteristics, needs and interests of the visitors to the ElegantlyGlutenFree.com website.

Right now this is extremely important to us because we’re in the process of upgrading the site from a simple gluten-free recipe site to a place where gluten-free individuals (no matter why they are gluten-free) can find information, support and ideas about how to live successfully as a gluten-free person.

Pat and I have a vision for Elegantly, Gluten Free to become a place where gluten-free individuals can come to find accurate and factual information and ideas that they can use to live their lives more successfully no matter what the cause or reason for them being gluten-free.

And, we thought that we’d share the results of our survey so our visitors could see where they fit in in the overall Elegantly, Gluten-Free.com visitor population.

But, before I go any further, please permit me to say thank you to everyone who was kind enough to fill out our “Major Frustrations” Survey.  We had a total of 22 responses from visitors who filled out the form and another 6 who left a comment on face book.  I had to throw out one of the Facebook comments because it was just too general and I was unable to categorize it.

While the response to the survey wasn’t overwhelming, it was by no means bad for a survey that ran for less than one week. And, the responses will go a long way toward helping Pat and me understand more about the individuals who visit the Elegantly, Gluten-Free website.

The Survey had only 2 questions.

Question 1 Results

The first survey question was a multiple choice item designed to break down into a category as to why the respondent is living gluten-free.

Because of two of the comments that we received, I feel that I need to point out that we intentionally did not focus on any diseases, such as celiac disease, which can cause intolerance or sensitivity to gluten.

We designed the survey to be easily understandable for everyone who might complete the survey plus, the causal factor of an individual’s intolerance or sensitivity is largely irrelevant to the purpose of the survey.

Our purpose for conducting the survey is to learn how we can better meet the needs of ALL the visitors to Elegantly Gluten-Free; not just those with a specific disease.

That said, let’s look at the results of the survey…

Here’s the 1st survey question and the responses:

* 1. Chose One of The Following:

О I am gluten intolerant

О I am gluten sensitive

О I am gluten-free by choice not by necessity

О I want to know more about being gluten-free

And, the responses:

Responses Percent Response Count
I am gluten intolerant 68.2% 15
I am gluten sensitive 18.2% 4
I am gluten-free by choice not by necessity 9.1% 2
I want to know more about being gluten-free 4.5% 1


Question 2 Results

The 2nd survey question was an essay-type question where we invited respondents to share their biggest frustration with being gluten-free.  Here’s the question as it appeared in the survey:

* 2. What is your biggest frustration with being gluten-free?

As you can see, we asked respondents about their frustrations with living gluten-free and permitted them to tell us whatever they felt they needed to say.

And, because of the essay-type question, respondents included as many as 3 or 4 frustration items in their answers to the question. This is what we hoped respondents would do.

Also, I have integrated the answers that were made on Facebook to a question Pat asked of the visitors to the ElegantlyGlutenFree Facebook page into the results of question 2.  While these Facebook comments do not include definite indications as to the gluten-related condition of the respondent (and hence are not reflected in the 1st question’s results), they do provide valuable additional insight into what is important to our ElegantlyGlutenFree.com visitors.

In all, the 22 survey respondents plus 5 of the 6 comments left on Facebook provided a list of 44 things, directly or reasonably implied, that frustrate them about living gluten-free. Those items were reviewed by Pat and me and grouped into 17 categories and subcategories and then tabulated for analysis purposes.  The following table summarizes the survey’s findings by category/sub-category:

“Major Frustration” Survey Question #2 Summary Table





Shopping Difficulty




Eating Away From Home

Eating Out



Social Events



Convenience Away From Home/Traveling



Don’t Want To Impose On Others



Lack of Understanding/Acceptance




Non-Family Social




Conversion to Gluten-Free



Taste & Palatability




Meal Preparation

At Home




Too Expensive



Multiple Allergy/Intolerance/Sensitivity Issues




Xanthan Gum




Weight Increase



Choice Flexibility







Away-From Home







I truly hope that you will find this information interesting and be able to see how you fit into the overall scheme of the gluten-free universe.

Have a great day,


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