Finally, an Actual GF Expert Shares Her Personal Tips About

Successfully Eating Out In Restaurants Gluten-Free!

My 12½ Best Eating Out Gluten Free Tips, Ever!

Pat Shares Her 12½ Best Tips for Eating Out Gluten Free in Restaurants That She's Learned in her 16+ Years of Eating Gluten-Free Successfully...

... When You Read Pat's FREE Guide, You Will

  • Discover the 6 Quesitons You Should Ask Your Server About the Restaurant’s Gluten-Free Food & Policies
  • Learn What Pat Always Does To Make Sure That Her Salad and Desserts Are Gluten-Free.
  • Find Out What Pat's Learned About the Best Way To Deal With Ethnic Restaurants.
  • Know the 3 Things That You Should Do To Protect Your Gluten-Free Child When You Eat In a Restaurant... Do You Know What They Are?
  • Learn What Should You Do If You Must Eat In a Restaurant You Don't Trust to Provide A Gluten-Free Meal.
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An Important Thought about Restaurants from Pat

"... and restaurants can be one of the most difficult places to avoid unexpected gluten exposures.  There is so much in an eatery that you have no control over.

Until I finally learned the things I'll show you in my "12-1/2 Tips" report,  I frequently had unexpected gluten exposures when I ate out in restaurants... My situation demands that I remain gluten free for the rest of my life... So, as you can probably imagine, it's really importunate that I do that completely...

... But, now I rarely, if ever,  have them... The gluten-avoidance process that I've developed has become second nature for me and I believe it can become like that for you, too!"