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Floride Pamplemousses, Sucré, à la Jami

For those who don’t speak French, I’m remembering a family friend who just turned 20 a few weeks ago and who gave my husband, Al, what I think is a great idea.  A loose translation of the title might be “Florida Grapefruit, Sweetened, by Jami.” Here’s the story…

… I had to skip church Sunday because of something that was going on at home (we were watching a friend’s 2 dogs plus 1 of our own, it was raining, etc… just one of those weekends).  Anyway, while at church, Al saw our friend Jami standing in the foyer with a grapefruit in her hand, eating it like an orange… or something that wasn’t sour, so, naturally, she immediately caught his attention. To put it succinctly… He was horrified!

If you know Al, you would also know that in addition to being the love of my life, he’s also a sugar-holic … Maybe that’s why he loves me… Because, I’m so Sweet :-P. And, perhaps it explains why what Jami was doing caught his attention.

Now, just in case you’ve never had the opportunity to eat a pink grapefruit; they are probably the sweetest of a very healthful citrus fruit variety that is frequently grown in semi-tropical regions of the United States of America, particularly the southern states of California, Texas and Florida..

They are fairly large, healthful, fragrant, distinctively flavored, and…

… Usually VERY SOUR… Somewhere between a lemon and a not-so-ripe orange. And, to make them even better (from my point of view) they are gluten-free.

Normally, Al won’t touch a grapefruit unless it has been carefully and evenly cut in half along the equator of the fruit, had each of the cross-cut sections gently separated from the surrounding membrane with a sharp, serrated knife, coated with at least a 1/16 inch of sugar and finally left to marinate in the sugar and juices for a minimum of 15 minutes to half an hour or longer after being cut.

Then, and only then, does he consider it to be “palatable” like a fine whine :-)… ready to be gently slurrrrrped and swallowed like so much sugar coated candy left to dissolve in his mouth until he can’t stand the urge any longer.  At which time, he sends it to its final demise in his stomach after being appropriately crushed by his beautiful white molars.

Then it happened… Al actually had a culinary idea… Quite possibly the second or third that he has had since he worked at “The Shack” as a bus-boy/waiter and occasional short-order cook for a part-time job during college oh-so-many-years-ago in about 1967 (Yes, he will be 67 in a little over two weeks. Is there perhaps a correlation between the year 1967, the age 67 and the end of the world according to the Mayan Calendar on December 21st, 2012… Maybe it will be a time for HIS exceptionally fine wHine?).

His idea was this:

He peeled a pink grapefruit, being careful to remove the thick white extremely sour membrane that makes up the inner portion of the peel and laid it out on a small plate like so.

Sweet and Sour Grapefruit

Jami Inspired Sweet & Sour Grapefruit

Then, he placed appropriately sized dollops of sugar and honey in separate piles along the edge of the plate.  He suggested that perhaps agave would be a good addition to what turned into a “Grapefruit Tasting without the Whine” and of which, unfortunately I didn’t have any in my pantry at the time.  In the picture I used brown sugar instead… Try it and let me know what you think…

Anyway, he then proceeded to tear the peeled grapefruit into rough, bite-sized chunks and dipped them alternately into the sugar or honey to coat them with sweetness to counteract the natural sour flavor of the pink grapefruit that I had on-hand.

I tried it too and it turned into a fun, messy time for us.  A shared moment of mutual insanity that was actually healthy, different and gluten-free…

… Try it, you may find that you really like it!

And, what was Al’s reaction to the experience?  He thought the best taste was mixing the sugar and honey together and coating the entire piece of grapefruit with it… Go figure… Sugar-holic, grapefruit that he doesn’t really like much, sugar, honey… Oh, well… At least you can…

… Enjoy!