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Gluten-Free Almond Bark with Dried Cranberries

When holiday treats are in order, delicious almond bark with dried cranberries is remarkably easy to make.  Crunchy almonds, tart cranberries and a sprinkling of sea salt combine with the rich taste of chocolate to delight the taste buds.

Almond Bark with Dried Cranberries

Almond Bark with Dried Cranberries — Gluten-Free


Or, add your favorite topping…pretzels (gluten-free, of course), pistachios, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries, to suggest a few.

Merry Christmas!


Gluten-Free Almond Bark with Dried Cranberries

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 10 minutes

Makes about 16


2 Cups Chocolate Chips, Dark or Milk Chocolate (your favorite – Hershey’s or Nestle’s are good, or you can use a dairy-free or refined sugar-free type, if you like)

1/3 Cup Sliced Almonds (check the label to be sure the nuts and other add-ins were not processed in a facility that also processes wheat and other gluten ingredients)

1/3 Cup Dried Cranberries

Or Gluten-Free Mini-pretzels, or Pistachios, or Pumpkin Seeds, or Dried Cherries

1/2 Teaspoon Sea Salt, coarsely ground


Line an 8x8x2″ pan with parchment paper.

Put chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat for 30 seconds at a time, stirring well after each 30 seconds, just until you can beat it smooth.

Immediately pour chocolate into the lined 8x8x2″ pan.

Sprinkle the nuts and/or fruit on top.

With a small spatula, spread the chocolate, nuts and fruit evenly across the pan. A little bit of a swirl pattern is good, but don’t stir it too much. The nuts and fruit should mostly be on top.

Sprinkle the salt over the top.

Let cool (on counter, or in refrigerator).

When firm, cut into 16 pieces.

This gluten-free snack is quick and easy to fix, so it can be prepared and cooled in less time than it takes for a 30 minute meal.  It’s egg-free and vegetarian. Depending on the chocolate you use, it can also be dairy-free and refined sugar-free.



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