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Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of September 29, 2013

Fish Fillets Fried with Cornflake Crumb Breading

This Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan Begins with Fish Fillets Fried with Cornflake Crumb Breading

This week’s Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan contains several quick dishes, like fried fish fillets, chili, boneless pork chops with spaghetti, and a cheeseburger casserole. There’s also a roast beef dinner, followed by roast beef sandwiches made from yesterday’s leftovers–I love those leftovers!

Plus, there’s a flavorful one-pot chicken dinner to try.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and thanks for stopping by.


Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan

For the Week of September 29, 2013


Day 1 – 30 Minute Meal

Fish Fillets Fried with Cornflake Crumb Breading

with Peach Salsa

Sweet Potatoes

Green and Yellow Green Beans


Day 2 – 30 Minute Meal

Chili and Beans

Gluten-Free Tortillas

Tossed Salad


Day 3 – One Pot Meal

Chicken Basquaise from Alta Mantsch at Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt


Day 4 – Oven Meal

Beef Round Eye Roast

(Save some leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner)

Baked Potatoes

Seasoned Brussels Sprouts

Pumpkin Bread with Honey and Maple


Day 5 – 30 Minute Meal Sandwich Supper

Roast Beef Sandwich


Day 6 – 30 Minute Meal

Pork Chops with Red Sauce and Pasta

Steamed Broccoli


Day 7 – 30 Minute Meal – Oven Meal

Cheeseburger Fries from the Gluten-free Homemaker

Easy GF Banana Peanut Butter Muffins



Next post this week will be:

One Pot Meal – Pork Sirloin Pot Roast


This gluten-free menu plan is designed for those with gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity, or celiac (coeliac) disease, but I’ve found that people who have no food allergies like these gluten-free recipes, too.   These are wheat-free recipes, as well as barley-free and rye-free, so they are suitable for a wheat-free diet.  Many are whole foods and may also be suitable for the paleo diet and may be casein-free, dairy-free, egg-free, lactose-free, low-carb, nut-free or refined sugar-free.  Be sure you check the ingredients carefully every time you buy, even if you’ve bought a product before. The manufacturers may change the ingredients without any warning or indication on the front of the label that gluten is now included.


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