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How I Set Up My Gluten-Free Diet Pantry and Kitchen – Part 3

This is the third post in my Gluten-Free Diet Pantry and Kitchen Series.  Click to read the previous post in my “How I Set Up My Gluten-Free Diet Pantry and Kitchen” series.

Just a reminder that for the next couple of months, in addition to my regular recipe posts, I will be featuring excerpts from my newest book “Eating & Living a Gluten-Free Diet… The Official Guide (2012 – 2013)” in some of my posts.  It’s available from Amazon for $5.95 USD, or for FREE, by just signing up for the “Elegantly, Gluten-Free Connoisseurs’ Club” near the top of the left hand column on any page on this site.  When you signup you will receive a .pdf copy of my book just as soon as you confirm your signup.

The next several free excerpts will be from a section devoted to helping you learn how to set up your gluten-free pantry and kitchen in a home with both gluten-free and gluten-y individuals…

… Welcome to my world!  Here’s today’s excerpt:


One Pantry with a Split Personality

If you actually have one large closet or pantry area, I suggest starting at the top with gluten-free packages or containers.  Then on the lowest shelves put the strictly gluten-y foods like cereals, crackers and cookies.  Somewhere in the middle the two will meet.


One of My Mixed Pantry Cabinets - GF on Top - Bottom Shelf is Gluten-y

One of My Mixed Pantry Cabinets – GF on Top; Notice the Gluten Free Rolled Oats on the Top-Left Shelf – Bottom Shelf is Gluten-y

Putting the gluten-free things higher is not necessarily to make them harder for children to reach, although that might be a plus if you’re talking about the cookies and chocolate chips.  (The kids will figure out how to climb soon enough, so it may not help for long anyway.)  It’s actually just a precaution in case something spills.  I’d rather have to clean a shelf or two at the bottom if some cereal spills onto everything below it than to have to clean four or five shelves of gluten-free containers that might be below the offending accident.

If you’d rather, you could also separate the gluten-y from the gluten-free by putting the strictly gluten-y foods on the left and the gluten-free on the right.  Whatever makes more sense to you, try to be consistent.  It will help in the long run.

Several Cabinets Instead of One Pantry

Here, as in the pantry, you could separate the gluten-y from the gluten-free by putting the strictly gluten-y foods in several cabinets separating gluten from gluten-free top to bottom, or gluten on the left and gluten-free on the right, or however makes the best sense for you.

However, if you have two workspaces that are separate, as in two different counter spaces on two different cabinets, you can set this up without much confusion and at the same time define your work areas.  Store the gluten-y things in the cabinet by the gluten-y work area, and the gluten-free things by the gluten-free work area.

In my kitchen, since my children are grown and my husband doesn’t like to cook much, I try to keep a few of his favorite EASY things on hand right where he can find them in case he wants to cook something for himself when I’m not around.  I don’t want to come home to find him hungry because he couldn’t find anything easy enough to fix without worrying about “messing up” my kitchen.  Nor do I need to give him TOO many excuses to order his own pizza delivered!

Some people find it easier to have a moving cabinet/counter, like an island cabinet on wheels, to use for one of the workspaces.

Now let’s talk about the food that needs to be kept cold – the refrigerator and freezer.

My Next Post

My next post will pick up from where I left off in Section 2 of my new book with my next topic in which I call “Chilling Thoughts.”  It’s about how to setup you refrigerator and freezer.  So, check back often to read my next post about how to setup your gluten-free pantry and kitchen.

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