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How To Test Food For Gluten Using The GlutenTox Home Testing Kit

GlutenTox Home Testing Kit

The 5-Test GlutenTox Test Kit

Have you ever wondered how to test your food for gluten? This gluten-free testing kit will give you a way that you can finally do that at an affordable cost in your own home, when you are staying in a hotel or even while you are traveling! To test food for gluten, just keep reading…I’ll show you how it works.

Plus, I don’t think that you need to be a science nerd or a super-geek to perform this test on your own food 😛

This post is a combination review and a demonstration video for the GlutenTox® Home Testing Kit distributed in North America by Emport, LLC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. You will find the gluten-free food testing kit demonstration video further down in this post.

Tests Performed Summary

The Cracker Gluten-Positive Baseline

The Cracker Gluten-Positive Control

We conducted 2 tests which we are reporting on in the video below. We tested a regular, saltine cracker from a generic brand available in our local convenience store. This test is our control and demonstrates that the product does in fact detect gluten. I had Al put the short, summary cracker control video clip at the end of the entire video.

Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

The Gluten-Free Product – Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

For the demonstration, Al videoed the process while I tested a sample for gluten that I took from a slice of pizza that I had made for Al’s and my lunch. I made the pizza from Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Whole Grain Mix. The pizza slice sample passed the GlutenTox Home test and was found to be gluten-free at the 20 ppm concentration.

A summary of our test findings is provided after the video so you can see what we thought of the GlutenTox Home Testing Kit.

Here’s The Video Demonstration of How To Do The Food Gluten Test

Here’s the video that demonstrates the test on Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Mix:

Packaging & Delivery

The product arrived via FedEx in a timely fashion. It was well packed and undamaged as a result of its journey. The box contained the five test kits as promised. The kits are laid out in the box, as you will see in the video above, in an attractive as well as intuitive fashion.

Did the Test Work Properly?

All the tests that we have done to date have worked properly. We have not needed to “burn” any of our 5 tests because we made a mistake or because the test failed to produce a valid result indicator (see video). You can test for both the 20 ppm and the 5 ppm gluten concentration levels with the test kit.

Is The Test Kit Easy To Use?

Yes, the test kit is easy to use, is neatly laid out, and testing materials are consistently well packaged and their arrangement is quite intuitive. I believe it would be quite easy for a non-scientifically oriented individual to find and use testing kit materials.

Is The Testing Process Complicated?

The testing process itself is not particularly complicated. Each of the steps they you will need to do to perform your gluten food test is well documented in the instruction manual, fairly easy to understand and is definitely easy to do.

If you don’t have any trouble following a menu plan and recipes for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble at all following the instructions for this testing process. I do need to warn you, however, that the instructions must be followed and there are quite a few steps, which must be done in the order specified.

Is There A Minimum Educational Level Needed To Successfully Do The Test?

No! I don’t believe that this test requires a certain level of education in order to follow and perform the testing procedure. I’m pretty much average from an educational standpoint.

In fact, I actually found the individual steps to be quite easy and well within my personal capabilities.

I do however need to point out that you must be able to read at the high school level and understand and follow the instructions.

When Al and I talked about this question, I made the comment that if you enjoyed and passed a high school science course with a laboratory period, you would do quite well with this test. But, I also need to point out that you don’t need to be a “GEEK” to get through this testing process. Al is a geek and I’m not.

The only thing that he needed to correct in terms of my technique was the part about squeezing the pipette bulb before you put it into the liquid you are sampling and that the tip of the pipette must go into the center of the liquid column being sampled. And, I noted that in the demonstration video.

Is there anything that the GlutenTox Home Test Kit Will Not Test Properly?

Yes, there are a very few items that should not be tested with GlutenTox Home. Here are some of them and why testing with GlutenTox Home is not recommended:

  • Maggi – Seasoning – Arôme (liquid sauce): This seasoning sauce contains gluten as described by the manufacturer in its ingredients list. Note that its manufacturing process and other active ingredients are not suitable for GlutenTox® Home. Consider this food as containing gluten.
  • Soy Sauce: Naturally brewed soy sauce undergoes fermentation process that often hydrolyzes/breaks down gluten to level close or below 20 ppm; a negative result on a sample containing soy sauce indicates that the toxic peptides have been broken down.
  • Highly processed and complex matrices, as well as those with polyphenols and/or antioxidants: Although GlutenTox® tests have been successfully tested against a wide variety of highly-processed non-food items, there may be some cases in which a more thorough extraction process is required to identify traces of gluten. If you are planning to test a vitamin, supplement, medication, or products with polyphenols (chocolate, tannins, etc.) that you feel may be highly processed, please contact us with more information about the specific item. In all cases, a positive test result always indicates the presence of gluten: there are no false positives.
  • Supplements or personal care products that are very high in silica should not be tested using GlutenTox, and often require special analysis in a laboratory setting.

How Long Does It Take To Do A GlutenTox Home Test?

You should be able to perform a test in under 20 minutes. Both Al and I believe that you will be able to do it quicker than that after you “get the hang of it.” I don’t think it’s very hard. It just has a lot of steps.

Does The Testing Kit Provide Every Thing I Need?

Yes. Each kit contains everything you will need to perform all tests in the kit.

However, you may want to wear non-powdered, vinyl examination gloves when you are performing the test to reduce or prevent cross-contamination from your hands. Washing your hands thoroughly will probably be quite adequate in that regard if you don’t want to use gloves.

Also, whether you use gloves or washed hands, be sure not to touch anything which contains gluten at any time during the test or the preparation of the food or other materials that are to be tested. Otherwise, the test may be invalid because of cross-contamination.

Also, if you are going to test something that requires cutting, you will need a knife and a cutting board.

Finally, make sure you don’t accidentally contaminate anything with gluten that is going to be involved in the testing process or support thereof.

Is The Test Affordable?

Yes! But it may not seem to be so until you’ve thought about it and realized what’s actually included/involved in this kit and all of the problems that it deals with and eliminates.

Also, the price “per test” drops as the number of tests in a kit increases. The more tests in a kit, the lower the relative cost of each test as compared to smaller testing kits. Basically, you get a “volume discount” for buying more tests in a testing kit.

For what it does, I think it is definitely affordable. For instance, if you are having trouble finding a pesky source of gluten in your diet and it is causing you to lose work because you are getting sick from something that you are eating, like I do, it’s probably quite cheap.

Testing Kit & Terms of Test

The GlutenTox Home Testing Kit is one of the two home food gluten-testing kits which Al and I consider to be credible. We received a complimentary 5 test kit from Emport, LLC, a distributor of the product being tested, on the condition that we review their product. However, there were no strings attached and no one from Emport, LLC, in any way attempted to influence our review or the opinions that we express concerning this product.

How Many GlutenTox Home Tests Are Available In Each Kit?

There are 3 sizes available:

  1. Small which contains 2 tests.
  2. Medium which contains 5 tests. The kit which Al and I reviewed was a 5 test GlutenTox® Home Test Kit.
  3. Large which contains 10 tests.

Overall Summary and Recommendation

I like the product. The manufacturer of the GlutenTox Home Test Kit seems to have done an excellent job of simplifying a complex laboratory procedure and making it available to the general public for use at home at a slightly pricey but definitely affordable cost. I intend to use the product for my own use. I think that it is definitely something that all gluten intolerant individuals should keep around the house to help track down those elusive, unexpected gluten contamination sources.

This one is a 2 Thumbs Up product… Both Al and I agree on this one (we don’t always and if we don’t agree, the product never finds its way onto the Elegantly, Gluten-Free website.)

Want to find out more?

Just <click here> to find out more about GlutenTox® Home or the other products available from Emport, LLC. I suggest you review the FAQ menu entry from the home page of the GlutenTox® website.