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King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix Review and My Cocoa Buttercream Frosting Recipe

King Arthur Flour sent me a box of their new Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix to try.  In the past I have tried a number of their other gluten-free mixes with very satisfying results, so I was looking forward to seeing how the yellow cake would turn out.

King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Cupcakes

King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Cupcakes


At first I couldn’t make up my mind whether to make cupcakes or a two-layer cake.  The mix will make two 8” or 9” rounds layers, or 24 cupcakes.  I finally decided on the cupcakes.

Making them was as easy as a mix can be.  I did make one change to the ingredients and used buttermilk instead of regular milk.

The results were excellent.  The flavor is sweet and rich just like a yellow cake should be.  The texture is tender yet firm enough to resist crumbling.  No crumbly, empty-tasting “cardboard” like some cakes I’ve tasted.  The cupcakes came out of the pan readily without falling apart or shedding too many crumbs —  a few, like any cake, but not excessive.

King Arthur Flour makes their gluten-free mixes in a dedicated gluten-free facility that is also allergen free (free of the 8 most common food allergens).  According to their website, the mix is “…Certified Gluten-Free™ by the non-profit Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG®). GFCO products are tested to be less than 10ppm (parts per million) gluten. This is stricter than even the FDA requirement of less than 20ppm gluten.”  To clarify further, their “…gluten-free products are packed offsite, at a dedicated gluten-free facility. This facility processes only gluten-free foods, and all personnel are carefully trained in practices and procedures that support gluten-free manufacturing of food products.”

Also, the mix is certified kosher by the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

This cake mix tastes every bit as good as I had hoped.  I would be pleased to serve it to anyone, gluten-free or not.

King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix in the Box

King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix in the Box

To frost the cupcakes I used a cocoa buttercream frosting for about half of them.  I froze some of the cupcakes with frosting, and a few more of them without frosting.  After defrosting them, I found that both the frosted and the unfrosted ones still had good flavor and texture.

For the ones that remain in the freezer, I’m thinking of topping them with whipped cream and berries – they would be lovely that way!  Vanilla buttercream frosting would be good, too – the cake is so versatile.  In fact, I might try lemon or peppermint or coconut frosting next.  Cupcakes are fun to pull out of the freezer and make a treat on short notice.

King Arthur Flour provided the mix to me free of charge.  My opinions are my own.

Here is the recipe for the frosting I used on the first cupcakes.  It was my mom’s recipe for cocoa frosting, or chocolate frosting, long before I’d ever heard of gluten-free cooking.  In fact, I made this frosting for yellow cake when I was learning to cook.  It’s so easy!

Mom’s Gluten-Free Cocoa Frosting


2 tablespoons Butter or Margarine, softened to room temperature (not runny, though) (or you can use a dairy-free substitute)

3-1/2 cups sifted Powdered Sugar, approximately

1/3 cup Cocoa Powder (I use Hershey’s)

2 tablespoons Cream or Milk (regular, 1%, dairy-free, or you can substitute brewed coffee for a mocha flavor)

1 teaspoon Vanilla (optional)


Cream the butter in a mixer bowl.

Sift the powdered sugar and cocoa together.

Slowly add sugar/cocoa mixture to the butter while beating, scraping bowl constantly.

Beat in the liquid (including vanilla, if using), one tablespoon at a time, until frosting is the right texture for spreading.

Makes enough for top and sides of two layers, or one 9×13″ cake.