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Pastrami, an Easy Gluten-Free Sandwich

Have you ever wished you could make your own easy gluten-free sandwiches any time you want to?  Sometimes it seems really hard because you have to make or buy some sort of gluten-free bread and assemble all of the ingredients for your sandwich.  When you look at it, it can sometimes look like an overwhelming task.

But take it from me, you can do it without much trouble at all.

I’ve discovered that almost anyone can make their own gluten-free sandwich like the one I’m talking about in this post.  Personally, every few days I find I need a sandwich and this post contains a good example of how I do it.


Gluten-Free Pastrami Sandwich

Gluten-Free Pastrami Sandwich


My idea of a gluten-free sandwich includes sliced bread, onion, tomato, lettuce and meat.  The sandwich meat can be sliced pastrami, roast beef, ham, turkey or something similar.  Layered on some bread with lettuce, tomato and onion – maybe a slice of cheese, too — and slathered with the proper amount of mayonnaise, your meal will be just about ready!

If you are buying sandwich meat at a deli, be sure they understand and follow the rules for no cross-contamination.  For example, a slicer and tools dedicated to gluten-free sandwich meats would be ideal, as well as gloves.  If you buy packaged lunch meats, be sure to check the ingredients list carefully, as always (see below for more about reading labels).  When you have leftovers from your own cooking, like roast beef, pork loin, ham or turkey, all you need to do is slice your own.

Since I like mayonnaise on most of my sandwiches, that’s how I start when I make them for others.  My husband often prefers butter or even just a drizzle of olive oil on his.  While I think that sounds good, and sometimes I also do that on mine, too, I still have to say that mayonnaise is my favorite.  I don’t use it on a lot of things, so it probably isn’t the worst thing in my diet.

Often I use a popular store-bought brand of mayonnaise, like Hellman’s, or even an olive-oil version of that same brand.  Once in a while I make my own mayonnaise from scratch – it’s really easy and only uses a few ingredients.  If you want to make your own, Gluten-free Girl and the Chef have posted Making Mayonnaise with a video, and Cybele Pascal has a recipe for Rice Milk Mayonnaise which is free of all the top 8 allergens.

So now, that should give you some ideas for making your own easy gluten-free sandwich.





Gluten-Free Pastrami Sandwich

Gluten-Free Pastrami Sandwich


Would you like to find out more about how you too can eat and live gluten-free?  If you would, check out my latest book by clicking the book cover below.  It’s easier than you think :-)!

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