Recommended Gluten-Free Books

Pat YarbroughAs many of you know, Pat has been diagnosed as a victim of celiac disease since January of the year 2000. And, because of that, she is very much aware of how devastating the problems caused by bad information in the gluten-free area can be.

Pat does everything possible to make sure that items listed in the recommended books or the recommended products pages are the highest quality possible.

If you ever have any kind of problem with anything you buy as a result of being listed on these pages, please email Pat immediately by clicking this link: “eMail Pat”, explain the problem that you discovered, and, if appropriate, Pat will immediately remove the item from our recommended books or products lists. Thank you so much for your help!



How to Eat Gluten Free - The Official Guide 2012

How to Eat Gluten-Free…The Official Guide   by Pat Yarbrough

In spite of the fact that this book was first published in early 2012, it has become a classic and is still purchased today by those gluten intolerant or sensitive individuals who just plain need to know how to go about eating gluten-free.

It’s excellent for beginners or more experienced individuals with diseases causing gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity and Pat, of course, recommends it highly.

Pat keeps this book updated in spite of the date on the cover and almost all the information in this book about eating gluten-free is included in the second edition of Pat’s third book, “Eating and Living Gluten-Free… The Official Guide”.

This book is available only in the Kindle format, at this time. And, in accordance with our corporate decision to stop offering Pat’s books on the Kindle platform, this will be converted to a PDF offering only, in the near future. So, if you need to have it in the Kindle format, we suggest that you buy your copy right now!




 Eating & Living Gluten Free... The Official Guide Package

 Eating and Living Gluten-Free… The Official Guide (2nd Edition) by Pat Yarbrough

As far as we know there is absolutely nothing on the market which rivals the 2nd edition of Pat’s third book for completeness, accuracy and ease of understanding.

This is a comprehensive guide written specifically to help the reader completely understand what it takes to not only eat gluten-free, but also to live gluten-free! Major Hint: Living Gluten-Free makes it a whole lot easier to eat gluten-free so you can avoid those nasty gluten reactions!

It’s written in plain, ordinary, easy to understand American English so that almost anyone with the need to eat or live gluten-free can do so after reading this tremendous book.  It includes everything that Pat and Al consider to be necessary to simply and easily live gluten-free.

Take your life back… In spite of your need to totally eliminate gluten from your diet and life!

GLUTEN-FREE BOOKS Recommended by Pat
Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free: 180 Easy and Delicious Recipes You Can Make in 20 Minutes or Less by Amy Green

Amy Green first “popped-up” on Pat’s RADAR back in 2009 when Pat began the website that eventually became Elegantly, Gluten-Free.

The two became internet friends and Pat developed a great admiration for Amy and what she’s trying to accomplish.

Amy’s true passion comes out in what she says about herself on her website

“Living free of refined sugars and gluten since 2004 has allowed me to live a fulfilled, healthy life. My food cravings, migraines, and depression vanished and was able to maintain a 60+ pound weight loss. Today I live with enormous freedom. Join me as I create healthier food that’s SS&GF and delicious. I hope to help you do the same.”