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Roast Beef Cubes Start an Easy-to-Pack Gluten-Free Lunch

While we’re at home on a weekend, lunches are frequently soup and salad.  When we’re on our way somewhere, though, I won’t pack soup for lunch — too messy in the car!  Neither does a sandwich work, but for a different reason:  my hubby carries sandwiches every weekday, so he’s willing to have something different on a weekend.  I like to make something without the bread partly because it’s simpler to prepare, partly to keep our carbs down some, and partly just for the variety, to offset possible boredom from his weekday lunches. Sometimes I’ll cut roast beef cubes from a lean roast beef like I’ve mentioned before.  I especially like a round eye roast, or a bottom roast cooked the […]


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Posted by Pat Yarbrough - March 30, 2010 at 9:33 pm

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Turkey Tortilla Roll-ups for a Gluten-free Lunch

Trying to pack a lunch is hard enough as it is, but making it gluten-free is even harder.  When my hubby and I take a trip together, I’ll often pack a lunch since that’s usually more dependable than hoping to find something gluten-free for me “on the road.”  (That most likely means I’ll be having something like a bag of tortilla chips and a bag of peanuts from the vending machine.)  Let me tell you that I’m not satisfied by that while smelling my husband’s hamburger and fries!     I’ve learned that when I do fix myself a lunch, I’d better fix double, though, because I’ll end up sharing it with that same guy who’d otherwise be ordering a full […]


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Posted by Pat Yarbrough - March 28, 2010 at 1:39 am

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Green and Yellow Beans, Buttered

The flavors of these two beans subtly complement each other, like the visual effect does. Whether they’re the whole or cut version, they’re one of my husband’s favorites.


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Posted by Pat Yarbrough - March 27, 2010 at 8:51 pm

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Cooking Sites

 Here are some of my favorite places to find recipes online. Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom Allrecipes.com BettyCrocker.com  —  (enter “gluten free” in the search box) Epicurious.com Gluten-free Recipes and Tips FoodNetwork.com  —  (enter “gluten free” in the search box) Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef  Gluten Intolerance Group MyRecipes.com   —  (Southern Living, Cooking Light, Coastal Living, Sunset, and others — enter “gluten free” in the search box) Red Star Yeast  —   (enter “gluten free” in the search box) Whole Foods Market   —  (check the “gluten free” box and press enter on this Advanced Recipe Search Page for hundreds of recipes to appear)


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Posted by Pat Yarbrough - March 13, 2010 at 12:00 am

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A Taste for a Hot Dog, Gluten-free

We normally try to eat on the healthy side of average, which means lean meat and plenty of vegetables. Once in a while we get a taste for a hot dog, but the chicken/turkey/pork varieties don’t satisfy that taste. Lean beef hot dogs do, so I’ll share that with you… … Recently we had some Hebrew National franks, which are one of the gluten-free brands we like. For information on Hebrew National labeling about gluten, look here. For the Hebrew National franks site, you can look here. Since the franks are already cooked, you just need to simmer them in a covered pan with a small amount of liquid until heated through. That liquid can be water, or it can be […]


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Posted by Pat Yarbrough - March 12, 2010 at 7:43 pm

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