Homemade Flatbread... Just the thing for a June Cookout!

Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of June 2, 2013

It’s finally June and summer is just around the corner…

… So I think that it’s time to talk about cookouts, complete with buns and all the trimmings.

In fact, I’ve planned two cookouts in the gluten-free diet menu plan this week. So, we’ll have gluten-free hot dogs one evening and gluten-free hamburgers another evening.

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Barbecue Pulled Pork

Barbecue Pulled Pork in the Slow Cooker

My husband Al, who doesn’t like anything barbecue… And, don’t get me started about Al and hot spices… He surprised the “bejeebers” out of me. I’ll tell you more about Al in a moment. But first…

… First, let me explain that I was going to be out of the house all day and I needed something that I could make that was yummy as well as really easy. Pulled barbecued pork seemed like just the thing because I could dump it in my crock pot and leave it to cook slowly all day while I was away “taking care of business.”

I had some pork loin roast in the ‘fridge that was just begging to be used. So, before I left the house yesterday, I grabbed the roast, put it in the crock pot, bones and all, added enough water so it wouldn’t boil away in the next 10 or so hours and the necessary barbecue “stuff.”

Now, back to Al…

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Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of February 10, 2013 Features Chicken Stir-Fry with Celery, Onion & Broccoli

Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of February 10, 2013

Valentines Day week can seem a little crazy with special treats, Candy Kisses and Red-Ribboned Boxes of really tempting Holiday Chocolates. But your gluten-free diet must stay intact in spite of those marvelous goodies.

To help you with that, here is my gluten-free menu plan for the week. And, best of all, there are plenty of healthy meals for everyone ;-).

I start off with Roasted Chicken Breasts for the first day. While that’s roasting, you can make…

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Gluten-Free Hummus on Mary's Gone Crackers

Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of February 3, 2013

It’s not every week that I start off with hors d’oeuvres. But I did this week. Al and I just love the taste of the hummus and this particular brand of crackers. We are getting nothing for the mention but we really do like them.

And, it’s a great warm up for the Easy Meat Balls, Red Skin ‘Taters, Salad and Almond Bar dessert that complete the eatin’s fer the day!

The week continues with Braised Pork, Roasted Beets and Sweet Potatoe Wedges… Al (he sure is getting mentioned a lot this week) thought that they were gross when I roasted the beets myself in the oven. But, their sweet meaty taste and texture were worth it.

The Chicken Pot Pie is a traditional recipe but it’s buddy…

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Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan For the Week of January 13, 2013

Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan For the Week of January 13, 2013

This week’s gluten-free diet menu plan has favorites for everybody.

It begins with a warming pot of Multibean Soup, served alongside fish sticks and salad. Then, the next day I’ve included a bit of Tex-Mex flair with some Avocado, Tomato and Cheese-Topped Chicken. My husband Al really likes this one.

For Day 3 I put together a slow cooker meal of Beef Pot Roast. It’s gluten-free and can also be low-carb or paleo if you want it to be that way. Be sure to save some of the sliced beef for Roast Beef Sandwiches for tomorrow’s dinner (“Wednesday Night Blue Plate Special” at the Home Diner :-) ).

Just click over to the Menu Plan to see the rest. You’re sure to enjoy it….

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Gluten-Free Almond Bark with Dried Cranberries

Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of December 23, 2012

This week’s gluten-free diet menu plan comes to you with best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a blessed and Merry Christmas!


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Gluten-Free Beef Round Eye Roast, Hot from the Oven and Ready to Eat

Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of December 16, 2012

These recipes are ideal for a gluten-free diet menu plan. They’re dishes that I make and eat and that my family likes to eat, too, even though they’re don’t have to be gluten-free like I do. Three of these dinners are 30 minute meals to keep things short and sweet, and there’s a slow cooker meal for one night.

Since the holiday season is here, I’ve gone overboard with baked goodies every day this week — except one of them is not baked, although it is definitely a goodie. That’s the Almond Bark with Dried Cherries.


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