Easy, Gluten-Free Beef Cube Steak for Two, in the Crockpot

Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of October 20, 2013

I have a hot cup of coffee in hand on this chilly evening as I organize my thoughts to plan this week’s dinners. The Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for this week starts off with beef cube steaks in the crockpot, for a stick-to-the-ribs dinner designed to satisfy the whole family.

There are also four 30 minute meals to make evenings easier: pan-grilled haddock, boneless pork chops, chicken and penne, and a chili dinner. The other two meals are meatballs with rotini, and some baked salmon with cauliflower “tater tots.”

Almost every meal has a low-carb option, most often found by avoiding the carb-laden side dishes (the ones my husband delights in).

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Cod Fillets Sauteed with Garlic, Onions and Peppers

Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of October 6, 2013

This week in the Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan the first dinner is an easy one, a wrap full of sautéed fish and savory vegetables, topped with fresh spinach.

I have also included pot roast, chicken and cannellini, tuna and avocado, quiche, pizza and beef round steak, so check out the dinner menus below.

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Fish Fillets Fried with Cornflake Crumb Breading

Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of September 29, 2013

For this week’s Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan I’m planning several quick dishes, like fried fish fillets, chili, boneless pork chops with spaghetti, and a cheeseburger casserole.

There’s also a roast beef dinner, followed by roast beef sandwiches the next day –we love those leftovers! I’ve also included a flavorful one-pot chicken dinner to try.

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Gluten-Free Chicken Mushroom Rice Bake with Homemade Mushroom Sauce

Gluten-Free Diet Menu Plan for the Week of September 22, 2013

This week in northeastern Ohio, we are definitely seeing leaves turning gold, orange, scarlet and yellow, as the days become cooler and noticeably shorter. And, I have been finding more fall produce, like colorful winter squashes and fragrant apples in the stores and at roadside vegetable stands.

To me, that sounds like time to prepare more casseroles and pies, soup and stew, roast chicken and vegetables, applesauce cake, and more.

This week’s plan is a menu of great “Welcome to Fall” recipes.

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