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Pat Yarbrough, Co-Founder & CEO


From: Pat Yarbrough, cofounder and CEO of

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Thank You...

... Thank you so much for grabbing your copy of my free report: “Gluten-Free Made Easy!”

Just so you’ll know, this report is actually based upon an excerpt from the 2nd edition of my third book “Eating & Living Gluten-Free… The Official Guide.” And, because of that, you can be sure it contains the most current information I have available on the subject!

I know you’re waiting to read your copy as soon as you can. So, I want to let you know that you should be receiving two emails shortly.

The first will be a confirmation email that you need to reply to quickly, so that we have permission to send you the link to your free report.

And as soon as you’ve confirmed your request, the second email which contains your link will be on its way to you!

But first, I’d like to share with you a little back story on how I got into the book writing business...

A couple of years ago, after my husband Al retired, he suddenly had a lot of time on his hand from one perspective… Mine! 🙂

As a result of that he and I decided that it would be really great if we could help people who were just diagnosed with diseases that cause them to be gluten intolerant, gluten sensitive or have gluten allergies, avoid the pain and agony that I went through when I began living gluten-free after my diagnosis.

Because of what I went through when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease in January of the year 2000, I knew from horrible, first-hand experience, that they needed to learn how to eat gluten-free as quickly and as easily as possible.

Now my husband graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in biology and eventually ended up working for a world-class pharmaceutical firm after which he spent over 20 years working in the supplementation industry helping people improve their health and the quality of their lives through really great supplementation products which often prevented and sometimes help their bodies cure serious, poor-nutrition related diseases.

For me, and now you, his availability became the opportunity of a life time. Suddenly, I had a highly intelligent, experienced, scientific resource that most small businesses could never hope to afford, literally at my “beck and call!” It was almost a dream come true for me.

Al’s strong biological and supplementation background as well as his caring for people and their well-being, made him in a perfect choice to help me further my quest to help those with serious, gluten-related issues.

Doing that was especially important to me because when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease in January, of the year 2000, there really wasn’t a whole lot known about living with the disease. Most doctors didn’t even know what celiac disease was and the Internet and similar resources were still in their infancy.

The bottom line was that I had to figure it all out myself with very little help from doctors, dietitians or really anybody. It was a very difficult and painful time in my life.

While on one hand after a lifetime of serious digestive symptoms which included vomiting, bloating, cramps and the like as well as other problems like exhaustion, anemia, aches and pains and more, I finally knew that I wasn’t some sort of weird hypochondriac like many doctors I had seen inferred and that I wasn’t going to die of some dread disease like cancer or worse…

… I now was faced with a total disruption of not only my eating habits but also of my favorite social activity which was sharing meals with those I loved and cared about.

Only a few months after my diagnosis, the forced changes to my eating habits made me feel a lot better but, unfortunately, they began to destroy my social life.

Not only could I not go with my friends and family to restaurants and other eateries with careless abandon like everyone else does.

Now, I couldn’t even go to lunch with friends at their houses. Even my immediate family distanced themselves from me and cut down on the social interaction at meal times because it was too difficult for them to deal with my new dietary restrictions and needs.

It was a horrible time in my life. I was so lonely and depressed. I didn’t know what to do.

But I do now.

You see, I’ve always been pretty much a fighter, so I kept at it and figured it out what I needed to do to eat gluten-free successfully. And, maybe even better for you, I came to an understanding of what I actually should have done to avoid all the pain and heartache that I endured when I first began my gluten-free journey over 15 years ago.

Because I stuck with it and learned how to do it, I was able to put everything that I learned about eating gluten-free, into my first book called “How to Eat Gluten-Free… The Official Guide.”

And because you care enough about yourself to sign up to receive your copy of my free report, I’m going to make a special, one time offer to help you begin or continue your gluten-free journey the right way,

So, down below you have two links… one simply says “Sounds great, but no - not yet” you can click that right now and your copy of my free report will appear in your inbox shortly, if it’s not already there.

If you click the “YES, I Want to Know Everything I Need to Know about Eating Gluten-Free” link, you will still get your copy of my free report. But, you will also be getting a special bonus…

You’ll be taken over to a page where you’ll get more information about how you can get instant access to ALL of the information you need to eat gluten-free safely effectively and healthfully for the rest of your life at a special price.

All I ask is PLEASE do not share this backdoor link in the forms! This link is only for people who took me up on my offer to receive their copy of my free report “Gluten-Free Made EASY!”

Thanks for requesting my free report “Gluten-Free Made EASY!” And, I hope to see you on the next page.

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