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Welcome to Elegantly, Gluten-Free!

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Hi, I’m Pat Yarbrough.

Welcome to Elegantly, Gluten-Free!

I created this website over three years ago. I’m the author of the three book Elegantly, Gluten-Free Survival Series™. And, I’m a victim of celiac disease which has forced me to live a totally gluten-free life since January of the year 2000.

So, I know what I’m talking about, because, I live it every day!

Way back then, there was almost no publicly available information about gluten intolerance. Even doctors weren’t sure about what was really going on. So I had to figure out how to live gluten-free in the school of hard knocks.

When I have a gluten reaction, I get digestive symptoms:

• Bloating,
• Diarrhea,
• Cramps,
• And more.

Sometimes, I get really, really sick.

I’ve tossed my cookies more times than I care to remember because I ate or drank something I didn’t know contained gluten.

Learning to live gluten-free was a very hard time in my life.

But, because of what I’ve learned, I rarely have gluten reactions any more.

And, I like to share what I know so that perhaps you or a loved one will have it a lot easier than I did.

Elegantlyglutenfree.com contains informational blog posts and articles, recipes, and links to other credible, gluten-free site that I believe you can trust. On my site and in my books, I share my favorite recipes, my best gluten-free strategies, and my thoughts and ideas about how you can successfully live a gluten-free lifestyle.

Normally, I post videos and articles weekly, if not sooner. So, stop by often to stay up-to-date.

I hope you like my gluten-free recipes that I actually cook and serve to my family and friends.

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When you submit your first name and email, I’ll send you a totally free copy of how I set up my gluten-free diet pantry as a thank you for joining our gluten-free community. In it I talk about what I did to set up my pantry and kitchen in my mixed-gluten household.

I’ll explain how you can arrange your kitchen and pantry to help you avoid accidental cross-contamination and associated gluten reactions. It contains information that I know from personal experience that you won’t want to miss out on.

To get started, simply submit your first name and email below, click the “Get Instant Access” button, and I’ll see you on the next page.