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What’s in Your Gluten-Free Pantry? (and a Special Free Offer)

What’s in Your Gluten-Free Pantry?

It’s important to know about safe foods, so I’m adding a “snapshot” list of my pantry.  It is not an all-inclusive list.  It’s a list of what I might have in my gluten-free kitchen on an average day.  My hope is that you can use it for ideas and direction in your kitchen.

My Gluten-Free Pantry Today

My Gluten-Free Pantry Today

To begin with, I need to point out that in our Western diet the list of things not to eat because of gluten includes a very large proportion of all the processed foods available to us.  And, living gluten-free begins first of all with what not to buy and what not to eat.

In fact, that may be the first subject that you talk about after a diagnosis of celiac disease, gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity with your doctor or dietitian.  Because of all that, I have focused here on what we can buy and what we are able to eat.  Once I got past the moment of “I have to stop eating those things…,” I went on to “what can I eat now?”

At First It Was Challenging

It was challenging at first, but knowing a few simple things to start with helped me a lot.  When everyone around me was enjoying something I could not have (like my son’s birthday cake), I found it helped a lot to enjoy something I was able to have like gluten-free homemade Oatmeal Spice Cookies or a packaged cookie or a candy bar.

It makes a lot of difference to have a few gluten-free snacks on hand, or in my purse or backpack.  I’ve also taken to carrying a small lunch pack with me not just when I go to work or somewhere for the day, but when I go on errands or to appointments.

Along the same line, when I was learning to cook gluten-free, going to my kitchen to cook something was not so intimidating once I had a few basic items I knew I could work with.  Facing a supermarket with its huge arrays of foods – and all those labels that I needed to start reading — seemed easier when I went with a short list of things that I knew would fill my family’s immediate menu needs.

A Total of 4 Lists

There are a total of 4 lists and I truly hope they help you find good food that you can eat even though you are gluten intolerant:

–  Short Safe Foods Summary List – Quick Reference

–  Safe Produce and Whole Foods List

–  Safe Generic Foods List

–  Safe Brand Name Foods List

Here’s a link to my master list. I will try to update it regularly:


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