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Why I Love Eating Gluten-Free

Pat Branding Oval Head ShotI feel FANTASTIC!

In spite of the fact that I’ve been gluten intolerant most of my life.

It’s because I’ve been eating gluten-free, since my diagnosis!

So, I actually feel FANTASTIC! And, my husband says I look fantastic too…

… What do you think? I was 66 years old in that picture to the left and I weight about what I did when Al and I got married in 1969… 120 lbs.

I feel vibrantly alive!

And, I want to help you feel and look FANTASTIC, too. Because…

… I remember what it was like when I was first diagnosed with celiac disease… before I began my journey in gluten-free living… as the result of a colonoscopy in January of the year 2000.

The year before (1999), had been a very hard one for me because I was getting sick with digestive and other problems so often…

I’ve Had Celiac Symptoms Almost All My Life

For as long as I could remember; even back into my early childhood years, I was having celiac disease symptoms…

  • Digestive issues,
  • Bloating,
  • Cramps,
  • Brain Fog, and,
  • Aching Joints and Muscles.

While I wasn’t a sickly child, I definitely wasn’t vibrantly healthy… like I am now.

I occasionally became ill with what I now know are symptoms of celiac disease. And I was frequently tired and almost always had lower energy than my peers.

As I passed puberty, I became more and more susceptible to female-related issues and they became more and more severe as I grew older.

By the time I was a in my late teens and moved into my early 20’s, I began to notice a significant increase in digestive issues. I became quite sensitive to what I was eating and my digestive track was reactive to almost everything I ate… not just gluten-containing food.

After I was finally diagnosed when I was 53 years old, the surgeon who did the colonoscopy said that situation would improve as I cleared my diet and digestive tract of residual gluten… And, it did.

And, I believe that the health of most of you will improve dramatically as you clear your diet and your body of gluten, too!

As I grew older and out of my teenage years, my symptoms began to become stronger. They became severe enough to start seen doctors about them.

But, My Doctors Didn’t Have A Clue 🙁

But, my doctors just plain “didn’t have a clue” about what was wrong with me. The better docs “ ‘fessed up” and told me that they just didn’t know what was happening to me.

So, I endured years and years of useless office visits and testing for this, that and the other thing…

… Anemia, cancer, lung problems and whatever the other things were.

There were so many things that I don’t remember them all. I suspect that whatever the latest medical fad was, I was tested for it.

And, about all that the office visits and diagnostic testing did was to make me feel like I was misunderstood, ignored and hopeless.

Does this sound like what you’ve had to put up with?

If that’s you, I want you to know that my books, my Elegantly, Gluten-Free website and this report are all available to help you find the answers that YOU need.

I’m not a doctor so I don’t just have “book knowledge.” And I didn’t search the internet to find out what I know…

… I have lived it, just like you are doing!

I learned what I know the hard way… In the “school of hard knocks” just like you will be doing if you don’t get started right.

So, If you want me to help you…

Imagine How Great It Would Be To Avoid What I Went Through

… I want you to imagine what it would be like if you didn’t need to go through all the pain, illness and heartache that I did.

What would it be worth to you if you didn’t need to get sick, miss work or didn’t alienate your family and friends, like I did, because of your condition?

How great would it be if you didn’t need to figure out how to get started living gluten free by yourself. I did it that way and I guarantee you that you do not want to do that.

And, I’m here to help you enjoy the best the gluten-free lifestyle has for YOU!

So send your questions or comments to me directly. It may take a few days but I WILL ANSWER YOU!
My private e-mail here at Elegantly, Gluten-Free is Patty@ElegantlyGlutenFree.com.

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