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Will My Gluten Free Food List Give You Real Cash Savings?

grocery shopping money and cash register receipt

How Would YOU Like To Have A FULL Shopping Trip That Only Cost $38.19 USD?


Will my Gluten Free Food List help you save money at the super market?

Do you want REAL cash savings each and every time you go grocery shopping? 

If you do, keep on reading because I’m going to explain exactly how you can do that.

You might be asking yourself, how can a food list possibly save money?

The truth is that while it doesn’t directly save you money, what you use it to help you do does… And, that works like gang-busters!


It works like gang-busters!


All you need to do is start using my large, 4-section Gluten Free Foods List properly! 

I think this is important that I share this with you because I’ve looked at the Google Analytics’ visitor statistics to my Safe Foods Lists page at elegantlyglutenfree.com.  Base on those stats (less than 2% of our visitors go there),  I am convinced that most people who visit our site are totally unaware that it’s there and how you can use it to effectively save you money, time and help you avoid frustration!

So, I thought I’d talk a bit about how it can help you save money, save time and avoid frustration.


Save Money, Save Time and Avoid Frustration


Using this list effectively can be a great help when you’re planning your menu.  Not only will it save you time and inconvenience, but, if it is used properly, IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!

Everybody, especially anyone who is forced to live gluten-free, should definitely be doing careful meal planning.  If you don’t plan your trips to the store, you’ll find that you will usually spend more money than you had anticipated and that you will forget items which will require special trips to the store later in the week.

 Extra Trips to the Store to Get That Item You Forgot Can Be VERY EXPENSIVE 


Those extra trips, especially if you live in the middle of “Nowhere” like Al and I do, are time-consuming, frustrating, and VERY EXPENSIVE, especially at the high cost of gas these days! I absolutely hate making extra shopping trips for groceries. The nearest shopping center to us is around 20 miles away… Unnecessary trips because of poor planning waste time and gas… not to mention the frustration.

But, if you plan properly…


You’ll Get Through The Store A Lot Faster


Shopper Reading Label - A MAJOR Time Thief

Reading Labels While Shopping Can Be A MAJOR Time Thief!


If you have done your meal planning properly you’ll get through the store a lot faster because you won’t be reading the labels of items you aren’t going to buy anyway.  Generally, the only labels you will read, will be of items that you are going to buy… And then only to make sure that the product is still gluten-free. 


Shopping Trip Planning Should Definitely Include a Review of Advertising


When you plan each shopping trip in advance, you will be able to review advertising you receive in the mail, see on the television and online.   This type of pre-planning will empower you to take advantage of specials offered by grocery stores and other retailers in you area.  When you see an advertisement for something that you want to buy to eat, check for the item in the Brand or another section of the Safe Foods List, as appropriate. 


Clipping Coupons Can Be EXCITING

Clipping Coupons Can Be EXCITING! Especially When You Reduce Your Food & Household Cost by 65% or MORE…

Never Forget To Clip Those Valuable Coupons

Want to save 10%, 20% or 30% or more on your food budget? 

Clip Coupons! 

 Let me say that again: “CLIP COUPONS.

 Al and I have a friend, I’ll call her Melody, for whom the only description that I can think of is “Coupon Clipping FANATIC.”  She reports that she regularly saves as much 75% or more on some delicious, good quality, brand name items.

 Just like with other advertising, when you see something that you want to buy, check for the item in the Brand or another section of the Safe Foods List, as appropriate, and “Go For It” if it’s safe to eat!

 And, don’t forget that the saving from coupons can really add up!

 To Net It All Out


Because you plan your shopping trip properly and use the Safe Foods List effectively, you may even be able to shrink the list of stores you need to visit, you can get the best prices and you’ll get through the stores faster!

Reading a Shopping List in the Grocery Store

If YOU Don’t Plan Properly, For Your Situation, It’s Gonna Cost YOU More… Possibly a LOT More!


Such a deal… And, the Gluten-Free Safe Foods List?  

 Even though it’s very useful and will help you save a lot of money, maybe best of all IT’S FREE!


 How to Find the Gluten-Free Safe Foods List


 You can either go to the Safe Foods Lists at Elegantly, Gluten-Free from the menu near the top of each page, or, you can check out the 2nd Edition of my book “Eating & Living Gluten-Free… The Official Guide where I not only have all 4 Gluten-Free Safe Food Lists but you can also learn about meal planning, which products to avoid and discover how you can get rid of those pesky gluten-based reactions; which are just 3 of the many things included in the book’s 200+ pages. 

 <Click here> to find out about how you can get my book plus all the great bonuses that come with it before I increase the price again on Thursday of next week.  So, don’t delay, download your copy today and save!